Ritten ropeway

The Ritten ropeway, one of the longest tricable gondolas in the world with a length of 4,560 meters, connects the Ritten plateau to Bozen, the capital of South Tyrol 950m below, at four-minute intervals.
The first ropeway was built as early as 1966 to relieve the ageing Ritten railway. The new Ritten gondola was inaugurated on 23 May 2009 as Italy's first tricable ropeway.

Your benefit: free trip saves you € 3.50

Schedule: weekdays daily from 6.30 to 22.38 h, Sundays and public holidays from 7.10 to 22.38 h.
Travel time is 12 minutes. Each car accommodates 35 passengers.

Seilbahn Ritten-Renon
Via Renon 12, 39100 Bolzano-Bozen

Ritten narrow-gauge railway
The "Bahnl", as the locals lovingly call their railway, connects the villages of Maria Himmelfahrt, Oberbozen, Wolfsgruben, Lichtenstern and Klobenstein on the Ritten plateau. It is an electrically operated railway on Ritten near Bozen in South Tyrol.

Its historic coaches are still in use.

Your benefit: free trip saves you € 3.50
Timetable: from Oberbozen: on weekdays at 6.28, 7.10, 7.40, 8,40, 9.40 h; 30-minute intervals between 9.40 and 18.40 h; at  19.40, 20.40, 22.00 and 23.00 h; Sundays and public holidays from 7.40 h.

from Klobenstein at 6.10, 6.40, 7.10, 8.10, 9.10, 10.10, 10.40, 11.10, 11.40, 12.10, 12.40, 13.15, 13.40; 30-minute intervals from 13.40 to 19.10; 20.10, 21.10 and 22.20; Sundays and public holidays from 7.10 h.