The terms and conditions below are expressly agreed for issue and use of the BrixenCard.

All rightful holders of the BrixenCard are entitled to use the services of its partner establishments without additional cost. The BrixenCard allows all persons staying in a BrixenCard partner establishment in our holiday region and registered by the operator of said establishment as required by law, to make use of the services of the BrixenCard as indicated.

These services are listed and given in the BrixenCard brochure. Beyond these services, there are discounts (bonus services) which are also listed in the brochure.

Scope/Exclusion of liability
All BrixenCard partners listed in the brochure undertake to make all the services listed available to BrixenCard holders, according to and taking into account their own terms and conditions of business and transportation, at their usual business hours and to the full extent in terms of time, quantity and quality.

Holders of the BrixenCard acknowledge that the operating hours of some partners may change, particularly on account of circumstances arising from weather and seasonal conditions. Waiting times of different lengths may occur especially during peak periods.

BrixenCard holders accept the opening hours indicated as well as any limitations of access and capacity information provided by the BrixenCard partners. They waive all and any claims for damages should any service be rendered only in part or not at all due to operating conditions or circumstances beyond the service provider's control. In addition, service providers shall be liable only in cases of gross negligence and intent but not in cases of ordinary negligence. Beyond this, service providers are not liable for any equipment, clothing or other valuables of card holders. Holders of the BrixenCard further acknowledge that Brixen Marketing KGmbH is entitled to terminate its agreement with individual service providers for significant reasons even during the season, and that no claims of any kind arising from this circumstance shall be accepted.

Requirements for issue of the BrixenCard
All BrixenCard partner establishments undertake to draw the guests' attention to the BrixenCard regardless of the length of their stay. Guests spending the night at a BrixenCard partner establishment will receive, from their host, a BrixenCard for the duration of their stay. It is a requirement for issue of the BrixenCard that guests are registered by their host upon arrival in conformity with the Italian laws of registration.

Non-transferability/loss of card

The BrixenCard is not transferable and is valid only together with photo ID. The BrixenCard may be used only by the person whose name is indicated on the card. No refund is given if the card is not used. In case the card is lost, it becomes invalid immediately and € 3.00 are charged for issuing a new card.


The BrixenCard  is valid from the date of issue (arrival day) until and including the day of departure.

The BrixenCard is not for sale. Only guests staying in a BrixenCard partner establishment and registered by their host according to Italian law are entitled to obtain the card.


Children from the age of six receive their own BrixenCard.

How to use the card

Card holders wishing to benefit from the inclusive services show their BrixenCard to the respective service provider. The service provider checks the validity of the card by scanning it, or by performing a mere visual examination and noting down the card number and name of the card holder. Card holders are required to furnish valid proof of identity (photo ID) on request, otherwise they can be denied the service.

If the BrixenCard is damaged or defective, it is replaced free of charge by the host establishment.


In case of misuse or suspected misuse, BrixenCard service partners are entitled and obliged to withdraw the card without replacement, and to file a report with the police. Card holders are liable for misuse of the card by third parties. In the event of theft or loss of the card, card holders are required to report the incident promptly to the Brixen Tourism Assocation under +39 0472 836401. There is no legal claim to a substitute card.

Exclusion of liability of Brixen Marketing KGmbH

Holders of the BrixenCard acknowledge that the Brixen Tourism Association acts only as an intermediary between BrixenCard holders and the service providers/partner establishments. BrixenCard holders waive all and any claims for warranty or damages, regardless of whether the service provider/partner establishment is to blame for any damage or not. It is explicitly noted that in the case of a liability claim, Brixen Marketing KGmbH and the Brixen Tourism Assocation shall not be held liable, in particular as neither the service providers nor the partner establishments are accessories of the Brixen Tourism Association. Moreover, BrixenCard holders are not entitled to indemnification from Brixen Marketing KGmbH or the Brixen Tourism Association in the event that a partner establishment or service provider fails to provide any of the services indicated in the brochure.

Place of jurisdiction, applicable law

For any litigation arising from the use of the BrixenCard including claims for damages and warranty, Brixen shall be the only place of jurisdiction and Italian law shall be the only applicable law.